Treatment for Healthy Scalp


I would like to talk about something that many people tend to forget when it comes to keeping their hair healthy. If you want beautiful hair, it is crucial to maintain a healthy scalp. Let me point out three key factors to determine the healthiness of your scalp.

Healthy Scalp Skin Tone – Healthy scalps have a bluish-white, clear skin tone. There are some symptoms to be aware of that warn of an unhealthy scalp. Unhealthy scalps tend to have a yellowish hue due to the oxidation of sebum on the scalp. This could cause an unpleasant odor and/or oiliness.  If your scalp has poor blood circulation due to clogged pores in the scalp, your hair will not be able to receive the proper nutrition it needs, which will lead to little or no hair growth.

Texture of a Healthy Scalp – Another symptom you want to look out for is a hardening of the scalp caused by poor blood flow. There are countless causes for scalp hardening, but I want to list a few specific ones here. Insomnia, muscular tension, nervousness, poor circulation, and eye-straining. Scalp hardening could also be a symptom of body exhaustion. 

Healthy Pores – To avoid damaging your hair, its important to use special products designed to nourish and strengthen both your hair and scalp on a regular basis. Also, it is vital to your hairs health to wash out any styling products you may have used to avoid clogged pores. As the old saying goes, an apple a day keeps a doctor away. The same should be said of hair care products and hair/scalp health. If you want healthy, beautiful hair, you must take the necessary steps to maintain it.


Strengthen your hair with a deep conditioning treatment

Do you know the difference between home hair care products and deep conditioning treatment products? One is rich in coating ingredients, while the other can repair hair from within.
You want to use deep conditioning treatments to repair damaged hair, then use home hair care products daily to maintain healthy, nourished hair. These two products go hand in hand to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Of course, it’s best to use both products to get the best result.


Twinzzy bob


Harper Beckham drew attention recently during London Fashion Week by sporting her banged bob in the front row of her mother’s, Victoria Beckham's, runway show. Harper and Anna Wintour looked identical as she rocked Anna ’s iconic hairstyle, a bob with heavy bangs.  This cute 7-year-old showed her sassy side with this cool boss-lady hairstyle! I’m sure Victoria is proud of her little star. If you’re thinking of chopping off your hair, take some advice from these two fashionistas and go with a bold bob. 


New pony trend.

Farewell, high ponytail.
It seems that the high ponytail trend has come to an end.

I would hate to be the one to break the news to Ariana Grande, but according to NY Fashion Week Fall 2019, the style is dead. Besides the models showing off their flawless low ponytails on many runways,  Camila Cabello appeared on the red carpet with an elegant low pony and cute fringe bangs for the 2019 Grammy Award.
You can effortlessly style a beautiful low ponytail when you keep your hair in good condition. It’s also easy to dress up with some hair accessories or rearrange the style by switching your hair part for a slick, tight low ponytail. It’s time to get down with trendy low ponies for Springs, gals!


Gotta Collect 'Em All!


I found some interesting articles on WWD.com that I would like to share with you today.

Guess who just made their runway debut?  Pikachu!

Pokémon has had an enormous global impact over the past few years with the release of Pokémon GO in 2016, and with the upcoming live-action movie coming out May 2019. It’s safe to say that Pokémon has become an even bigger pop cultural phenomenon than anyone could have realizedWell, it doesnt stop there. This famous Japanese franchise animation has finally crossed with high-end fashion on the catwalk. Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Mewtwo, and even Pokeball patterns have made a surprising high-end fashion appearance and drawn the attention of fashionistas everywhere. One contemporary fashion designer, Bobby Abley, showcased this pop culture gaming icon in a playful and creative way that only this fashion magician himself could execute.

I feel so proud that such a massive cultural phenomenon originated from my home county. I love how Japans video game and anime culture has gone beyond its original intent even to impact fashion and achieve global recognition. Creativity truly has no boundaries or borders. 
This may be a peculiar fashion design for some, but check out their unique style for an inspiration to help you think outside the box. Who knows, you may want to collect em all! 


Rene Furterer - Curbicia Shampoo For Oily Scalp


I would like to introduce a new hair care product from Rene Furterer that uses a unique, plant-based ingredient. Say hello to Renee Furterer's Curbicia Shampoo! 
Have you heard of Cucurbita Pepo? It’s also known as the field pumpkin, or in Japan, the “toy pumpkin.” It's a type of pumpkin that is used as a gardening ornament because of its charming looks. Yes, they are quite cute :) I must tell you, this Curbicia shampoo is flying off the shelves! It uses a pumpkin seed extract that has a powerful effect on sebum suppression. The pumpkin extract suppresses the DHT and 5α-Reductase, which is the enzyme of DHT. It helps to nourish healthy hair and gives a not-so-fond farewell to sticky, oily sebum. 

I know that many of our customers have naturally oily hair regardless of the seasons, so if you’re struggling to style your hair because of excessive, oily sebum on your scalp, give this magic pumpkin a try.  Bibbidi bobbidi boo! 

PC: https://static.renefurterer.com/sites/default/files/styles/active_ingredient_teaser/public/rf_website_curbicia_actives_product-page_400x493_0.png?itok=AQ21j27B


Think purple 💜


Do you know which color is catching everyone's eye this winter? Positively purple!

This winter, think soft, sweet shades of lavender rather than the 80's bright neon purple. I’ve spotted many fashionable celebrities incorporating purple as an accent color into their outfits.
Keep your outfit basic with monotone colors such as black, white, gray, beige, and then add purple for an exceptionally fashionable and trendy look. This magical, pastel shade can bring out a girlie yet elegant look; it’s a must-have color to add to your wardrobe.