Karite Hydra shampoo by Rene Furterer

Whos loving the crisp fall weather?  October is here with all the pumpkin latte you can drink, but unfortunately, so is the dry weather. Are you doing anything to prevent your skin and hair from drying out? Yes, we have mentioned this product in the past, but I cant stress enough how important it is to keep your hair moisturized.
So, here is a friendly reminder about one of our favorite hair care products, Rene Furterer’s Karite Hydra shampoo.
 Karite Hydra shampoo is rich with organic shea butter, which not only helps the hair, but it also helps to maintain a healthy scalp. One of the main ingredients, an organic Cimentrio® complex, works to repair damaged hair. 

Use this shampoo once or twice a week for noticeably healthier hair. Dont hide your hair underneath that beanie. Let the wind blow through your hair and brighten the world :) 


Red: A Girl's Secret Weapon.

RED is the color of the season!

If black is a girl’s best friend, then red is a girl’s secret weapon. It’s the go-to color for a big day. Wearing red empowers me and gives me the boost of confidence to live boldly.
Red is not just for the lips. You can create sexy, smokey eyes by applying bold, red eyeshadow. Take a closer look at your eyeshadow palettes; you will most likely find a few shades of red in there. Its easier than you think to add red to your eye makeup. Start from the edge of the eyes and color the entire eyelid. To finish, apply pink shimmer and blend well to avoid the puffy eye look!.
There! You have trendy, red eyes to rock this fall.

Balancing out the eyes and lips is important. When going bold with red eyes, keep the lip color neutral with a nude lipstick. Find colors that compliment your skin tone and bone structure to enjoy this hot trend. Live in the moment and enjoy a new you!


Don't dry up this Winter.

I saw two interesting headlines recently that caught my attention;
"People Prefer Someone With Soft Skin" and "Touching Soft Objects Lowers Blood Pressure." I remember in Japan, the term marshmallow body was a common phrase used in many beauty articles for promoting the ideal feminine body and soft, translucent skin.


Soooo, I looked into what is considered ideal, beautiful, soft skin and how to maintain it. I found that people determined beautiful skin by its flawless appearance and moisture. Moisturizing only the surface of the skin isn't enough. It’s crucial to also moisturize deep in the stratum corneum, the deeper layers of skin because that’s what will make your skin feel ultra soft. You can maintain the skins tightness, smoothness, and softness when the stratum corneum contains a sufficient amount of moisture. After all, the key is to moisturize thoroughly to firm the skin!

So, how does dry skin occur? The skin on your face contains a combination of sebum, a natural moisturizing factor (NMF), and keratinocyte lipids. The ratio for these three is 2~3% sebum, 17~18% NMF, and about 80% inter-cellular lipids. Your skin drys out when these three things in the stratum corneum are not maintained at their necessary levels.

The benefits of moisturized skin aren’t just that it feels good, and is soft to the touch, but having moisturized skin also helps prevent breakouts from acne. Let’s stay extra conscious in the pursuit of baby soft, moisturized, firm skin during this dry, winter season.


Animal prints are back in style. Are you ready to get wild?

Animal prints are back for fall 2018, ladies! Some fashion articles are calling it the Animal Print Revival, so get ready for a myriad of options for animal prints! Simply incorporate your favorite animal prints to stay on top of the trend this fall.


Personally, I would go for the classic leopard print; there are tons of great choices for this print. I've fallen in love with my two new pairs of leopard shoes and a scarf. Accessories like scarves give a sophisticated, timeless look and are the perfect accent for your outfit.

Going overboard with animal prints can look a little too ostentatious, so my advice for your autumn leopard trend is focusing on footwear. You're less likely to mismatch styles with footwear so you can stay on point without looking cheap with the right shoes. Also, if you are bored with plain, basket-style bags, or cotton tote bags, grab a shoulder clutch for a stylish accent.

Tops brands are already out with endless animal print options, so be bold and show your wild side!


Goodbye summer hair. Here come new bangs!

We are getting many requests for a haircut with bangs as we approach Fall.
Don’t want to get rid of your long hair but want to change up your style?
Want to look fun and maybe a bit younger?

Maybe it’s the Fall freeze, the pumpkin spiced latte, or the holiday lights in the street, but you can feel the change in the air. So, why not change with the season?
If you’re getting the itch to say goodbye to your summer beach style, let us give you some edgy bangs that suit your facial frame.
Many of our customers come in nervous about making the change, but leave happy and satisfied with their new bangs.

Try a new hairstyle and give yourself a stylish, fresh look :) 


Say, YES to avocado! It's not just for eating.


I would like to talk about the benefits of eating a certain, special superfood. Avocado!
Avocado is considered one of the top super food for a reason. Avocado is good for your skin, hair, and has many more benefits to health and beauty.

Avocado contains unsaturated oils that penetrate deep into the skin. This oil provides excellent nutrition to moisturize the hair. 

Potassium, vitamins B, E, and K affect the emollient of your skin and hair, enhancing its moisture and softness.
This means what you consume and will affect your skin, so it’s important to
Avocado oil is known to smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles. Not only does it moisturize the hair, but it also contains a protein that is very beneficial. Avocado can be used in many ways and is more than just a superfood for consumption.
It's important to eat properly to maintain healthy skin.

I’ve listed a few DIY spa treatments you can try out at your own home!
You can have fun while pampering your skin with pure, rich ingredients. Natural ingredients provide the best nutrition for your hair and body.

 1. Avocado oil face mask
Mixture: Avocado, egg whites, and lemon juice  

Avocado contains abundant omega-3 fat that strengthens the firmness and silkiness of the skin.
Egg whites contain the protein called albumin that tightens the pores. Albumin helps to firm the skin and act as an anti-aging booster.
Lemon contains a natural astringent that controls the oiliness of the skin so it can help skin to stay healthy while keeping it moisturized.

2. Deep hydrating face mask
Mixture: Avocado, honey, and yogurt    

When the avocado oil is combined with honey, it acts as an antibacterial cream for the face. Not only that,  but you can add some yogurt and it to help reduce inflammation. This face mask can also open up the pores and tighten the skin as well.

3. Deep conditioning hair mask
Mixture: Avocado, egg yolk, and olive oil

Mix raw avocado, egg yolk, olive oil, and apply them directly to the hair. This combination of super-foods with rich nutrition will rejuvenate the hair like nothing else.

4. Citrus hand treatment serum
Mixture: Oats, and lemon juice

Mix oats and lemon juice for a cost-effective, natural serum with high-absorption to moisturize your hands and the added benefit of a fresh citrus scent.


The Pros and Cons of Blow-drying and Air-drying Hair

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that hair dryers use air and heat to dry wet hair.
Do you know the primary component of hair? It’s protein, just like an egg. Protein is very fragile to heat, that is, using excessive heat will result in moisture loss, dryness, and split-ends. This is why hair will begin to feel very hard and stiff after frequent blow-drying. Unfortunately, hardened, damaged hair will not be able to return to its original condition. I believe this is why many prefer to air-dry their hair because of the damage that blow-drying causes.


Yes, there are benefits to drying hair naturally, such as less damage, longer-lasting colors and perms, and saving time and energy. However, there are far greater negative consequences to air-drying hair.

1. Bacteria live on the scalp and hair, and they multiply in the wet conditions. So, if your hair stays wet for an extended period, then these living bacteria will begin to cause an unpleasant odor. EWW!

2. There are cuticles that coat and protect the surface of the hair. In a wet state, these cuticles begin to peel off, which causes split ends.  Also, when you lose these cuticles, the inner layers become exposed and emerge from inside the hair shaft. OH, MY!

3. When hair stays wet and cold, it leads to poor blood circulation and increases the chance of thinning hair. NOOO!

So, blow-drying slows down the spread of bacteria, keeping hair protected and coated with cuticles. The key is not to leave the hair wet for an extended period and reduce blow-drying time to reduce scalp and hair damage. The best way is to quickly towel-dry immediately after taking a shower to dry the moisture from the hair and scalp, thereby reducing the need for extended blow-drying.
I hope this helps everyone to understand the pros and cons of both methods. Yes, some hair types and styles require you to dry your hair naturally, but remember, the two key points are to towel-dry and use product to keep your hair healthy.


Think beautiful, Stay beautiful.